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"Until the new Web site is up and fully operational, I figured the very least I could do is to share with you the January (premier) issue of the brand spanking new Got Genealogy Gazette. In it you'll find the feature article, "Ancestry Bloopers," plus the first in a series of "Brick Walls," submitted by our readers who need help finding their ancestors.

The first contest of the year, where you can win one of the new Got Genealogy T-shirts, is unlike anything you've ever seen before ... Genealogical Haiku. That oughtta rock your world. Plus, we've also provided all of the iPod contests and answers from last year, along with a lovely photo of the iPod Nano winner, Ora Carroll.

We have a ton of new features in store for you and, trust me, it will have been worth the wait ... Oh, dear Web designer. Puh-LEASE get my Web site done. I'm begging you.

As for the memberships, they'll begin, soon, with the roll-out of the new Web site, so start saving your nickels and pennies now. For only $19.99 per year, you're gonna get a ton of wonderfully useful (and fun) information to help you take your genealogical research to an HNL (MadTV fans know that HNL means "Hole Nother Level" ... I guess you had to be there).

Sure, you can cook a three-minute egg in two minutes. Do you want it burned or raw?

Stuff takes as long as it takes and I'd rather my Web designer take the necessary time to get it right than to rush it and half the features not work. Stay tuned ... shouldn't be much longer."



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